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In addition to our extensive range of flocking services we have also been supplying the motorsport industry with vehicle finishing and other associated services for over 25 years.

Our workshop in Brackley Northamptonshire houses the latest in automotive 3D printing & prototyping, paint & bodywork and carbon lacquering & finishing facilities.

  • Motorsport Services offer a professional carbon parts finishing services. We can provide motorsport specification, professional finishing and lacquering services for businesses and the general public.
  • Motorsport Services now offer a range of paint and bodywork and vehicle restoration services. We have a specialised paint booth and our own paint mixing facilities.
  • Rapid prototyping using the latest in 3D printing technology.

A number of local and national racing teams and organisations regularly use Motorsport Services for a number of applications to a variety of vehicles and equipment.

If you would like to find out more about what we have to offer please visit our Motorsport Service website.

Motorsport Services